Articles Written by Dr. Conte

Elemental Physiology

April, 2023

How We Studied

March, 2023

Helping GERD (Gastro-Intestinal Reflux Disorder)

January/February, 2023

Sleep Apnea: A Simpler Solution

December, 2022

Plantar Fasciitis

November, 2022

A Day in the Life…

October, 2022

Mystery: US Deaths Up 40% in 18-64yo for 2021

September, 2022

Is the Site of Pain the Site of the Problem?

August, 2022

Compressive Neuropathies Causing Tingling, Numbness and Weakness

July 2022

Styles of Chiropractic Adjusting

June 2022

Stan's Story

May, 2022

Inflammation: “The Fire Inside”

April, 2022

Ana’s Story

March, 2022


February, 2022

PCR Test for COVID-19

January, 2022

Why Chiropractic is Different

December 2021

How Our Memory Cells Protect Us

November 2021

Chiropractic & Immunity

October 2021

Roger’s Case: Neck Fracture (Follow-up)

September 2021

On the Fear of Germs

August 2021

Decibels: Understanding Your Noise Limits

July 2021

Healthy Blender Drink Update

June 2021

How Do We Hear?

May 2021

Matthew's Case

April 2021

COVID-19 Retrospective

March 2021

Trigeminal Nerve, Upper Spinal Nerves, and Headaches

February 2021

How Your Thoughts and Feelings Affect Your Health

January 2021

Merry Christmas Everyone!

December 2020

The Governing System of the Human Body

November 2020

Roger’s Case: Neck Fracture Progress Notes

October 2020

9 Days in Tibet

September 2020

Why Doesn’t Everyone Get Sick?

August 2020

Turning Another Breech Baby

July 2020

Chlorella the Superfood

June 2020


May 2020

Covid-19 Timeline

April 2020

Boosting Your Immunity Naturally

March 2020

In Memory

Feburary 2020

More on Snoring and Sleep Apnea

January 2020

Surgery?...or No?

December 2019

Dizziness Vs Vertigo and Bow Hunter’s Syndrome

Novemeber 2019

A Day in the Life

October 2019

Dealing With “Trigger-Finger”

September 2019

Taking the Proper Steps with Joint Pain

August 2019

The Endocrine System

July 2019

Achilles Tendinitis/Bursitis

June 2019

Learning to Breathe

May 2019

Neuroendocrine Axis of Human Labor

April 2019

Are Mother and Baby Distinct Individuals?

March 2019

Stages of Fetal Growth

Febuary 2019

Patient’s Powerful Prayer

January 2019

Mom: “The Kids Don’t Get Sick Anymore”

December 2018

Another way to look at Autism?

November 2018

Fecal Transplants to Make You Healthy?

October 2018

Romanian Mission Trip Part IV

September 2018

Romanian Mission Trip Part III

August 2018

Mission to the Gypsies of Romania Part II

July 2018

Mission to the Gypsies of Romania

June 2018

The Boy Crisis: Part 2

May 2018

Fathers and Sons

April 2018

Smyrna Man Cycles Across the USA

March 2018

Chiropractors and Medical Doctors - a Comparison

February 2018

Skin, The Forgotten Organ

January 2018

Spinal Canal Stenosis – What is it?

December 2017

Audreys Interesting Case
Nov 2017

How Can I Stop Falling

Oct 2017

What a Good Chiropractic Exam Can Reveal
September 2017

Is It Really Sciatica
August 2017

Chiropractic care for everyone
July 2017

Artificial Intelligence is Coming, part II
June 2017

Global Brain
May 2017

Eagle Syndrome
April 2017

Anxiety Quieted
March 2017

Staying the Course
February 2017

A Pain In The Foot
January 2017

A Patient Comes From Paris
December 2016

Stress, Christmastime and Immunity
November 2016

A Diabetic Stomach
October 2016

Competing Theories on Zika Virus Scare
September 2016

Auto Accidents August 2016
August 2016

Working With Hearing Loss: Christina’s Story
July 2016

Chlorella the superfood
June 2016

Are you “Over-connected”?
May 2016

Our Approach to Chiropractic Care
April 2016

The Workings of the Ear
March 2016

February 2016

Getting over Vertigo: Kim's story

January 2016

Cranio Sacral Therapy Helps With Seizures
December 2015

C-HPA Axis
November 2015

Sinus and Ear Infections
October 2015

David's Story
September 2015

Hand and Wrist Pain
August 2015

Adjusting the Extremities
June 2015

Chiropractic and what Chiropractors do?
June 2015

Sleep Apnea: A Simpler Solution
May 2015

Donna's Story: When Chiropractic and Medicine Work Together
Apr 2015

Dec 2014

Nov 2014

Sept 2014

Aug 2014

Jul 2014

June 2014

May 2014

Apr 2014

Mar 2014

Feb 2014

Jan 2014

Significance of Struthers
Dec 2013

CranioSacral Therapy Aids Recovery
Nov 2013

Hip Replacement and Alternatives
Oct 2013

Dead Man Walking
Sept 2013

Drugs in Sports: Are They Here to Stay?
Aug 2013

July 2013

CranioSacral Therapy
June 2013

Mom: The Kids Don't Get Sick Anymore
May 2013

Problems with the Work Station
April 2013

A Patient’s Chiropractic Testimony
March 2013

Two Views of Struggle: East Vs West
February 2013

Struggle's Reward
January 2013

Unfreezing Frozen Shoulder
December 2012

Ankle, Knee and Hip Pain
November 2012

Sleep Apnea: What Dreams May Come
October 2012

Why Are We Fat?
September 2012

Eagle Syndrome
August 2012

What Is Prolotherapy?
July 2012

Are You Prone To Falls?
June 2012

An Ounce Of Prevention; A Ton Of Cure
May 2012

When Should I See The Chiropractor?
April 2012

Ana's Story: An Artist's Vision Improved
March 2012

Breeding For Behaviour
February 2012

Chiropractic And Immunity
January 2012

A Trip To A Caribbean Hospital
December 2011

Audrey's Interesting Case
November 2011

Helping Middle Ear Infections
October 2011

Fractal Geometry In Medical Diagnosis
September 2011

Golfer's Elbow And Tennis Elbow
August 2011

The Hygiene Hypothesis
July 2011

Where Is Chiropractic Going?
June 2011

'Posturing-Up' At The Work Station
May 2011

On Your Feet? Watch For Plantar Fasciitis
April 2011

Cerebral Palsy Affected By Chiropractic
March 2011

The Spanish Island
February 2011

If You've Had An Auto Accident
January 2011

How Often Should I Be Adjusted
December 2010

Patients Gets More Than Hoped For
November 2010

Are You 'Over-Connected'?
October 2010

Nine Days In Tibet
September 2010

Dead Tired, (Part 2)
August 2010

Missing Sleep? Don't Be Dead Tired
July 2010

What Is A Headache?
June 2010

Motion And Alignment
May 2010

Is Body Memory Real?
April 2010

Deeper Use Of Chiropractic
March 2010

Understanding Diabetes Mellitus
January 2010

The Benefits Of Massage
December 2009

Sitting Right Can Prevent Pain
November 2009

State Of Mind Affects Your Health
October 2009

The Silent Killer
September 2009

Hydrocephalus, Slit Ventricle Syndrome
August 2009

Getting Older Affects All Of Us
July 2009

The Exploding Head
May 2009

The Vaccine Controversy (Part 2)
March 2009

The Vaccine Controversy (Part 1)
February 2009

Dealing With Recurring Pain
January 2009

Of Giants And Dwarfs
December 2008

The Importance Of Curves
November 2008

The Endocrine System
October 2008

The Neural Impulse
September 2008

Old Health Beliefs Die Hard
August 2008

Craniosacral Therapy Helps With Seizures
July 2008

Craniosacral Therapy Aids Recovery
June 2008

What Is Bursitis?
April 2008

Chiropractic, Inside And Out
February 2008

Chiropractic Can Benefit Children
November 2007

The Trainable Nervous System
September 2007

A Pain in the Foot
June 2007

The Workings Of The Eye
May 2007

The Workings Of The Ear
April 2007

The Mind/Body Connection
February 2007

The Chiropractic Adjustment
January 2007

Ankle, Knee And Hip Pain
November 2006

Taming Gastric Reflux
October 2006

Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue
August 2006

Finding A Good Chiropractor
July 2006

Being Prepared For The Bird Flu
June 2006

Numbness, Tingling, Weakness And Pain
May 2006

Pregnancy, Children And Chiropractic
April 2006

Oh, My Slipped Disc!
March 2006
How Is Your Body Wired?
January 2006

Stress, Christmastime And Sickness
December 2005

What Is Balance
September 2005

The Body is Made To Heal Itself Without Drugs, Surgery
August 2005

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